Lido 1960


Creating a bridge

Brasserie Ambiente


Good food isn’t just about what’s on your plate. Location and ambience, lighting, a great view, music and atmosphere all ignite the senses and make things even more enjoyable. This holds true for LIDO, too. As our basic gastronomic concept of elegantly and effortlessly creating a bridge between traditional and modern ideas reflects this perfectly.

The first impression: innovative architecture, minimalistic interior design, and modern art on the walls. And at the same time everything on the tables is inviting, warm and, in fact, cosy. Surrounded by such beauty, our guests can feel at home while dining. Warm details, colours and materials ensure that even high-class French cuisine becomes accessible.

Rustic cast-iron pots on tables, from which people can help themselves, sturdy stoneware, or linen bread baskets, which keep the bread wonderfully warm without the customary white damask napkin all reinforce this effect. Just lean back, spend the evening in pleasant company and enjoy the view. Oh, have we mentioned that nearly every seat is a window spot?

The modern glass cube, completed in 2005, is located in the inner harbour next to a pedestrian bridge. Referred to as the “Living Bridge”, it spans from Kaistraße to Speditionstraße on the first harbour island. With its flat steps, illuminated at night by a milky-white light, the bridge invites you to stay a while and take in the phenomenal panoramic view of the Medienhafen. In fact, the only way to outdo this is with a table at our restaurant.