Lido 1960

Chef Table

Chef Table


The most exclusive place to eat is the LIDO Chef Table.

One says that important decisions are made on the golf course. An obvious and exclusive alternative is our LIDO Chef Table. It’s perfect for memorable gatherings with valued business partners or friends you want to offer something really special to.

The Chef Table is a place where communication and enjoyment of fine things come together and has been specially created for those people who want to enjoy Florian Ohlmann’s high-class French cuisine in a rather different way – totally exclusive in a unique atmosphere and without a menu. The food is personally created à la minute by our chef before your guests’ very eyes.

The Chef Table can be found in a separate part of the LIDO prep kitchen, Speditionstrasse 15 a. It consists of a very well equipped kitchen in a specially designed room. In the middle of the room, there is an extraordinary kitchen table made from ancient Kauri pinewood, which gave the place its name. 10-12 people can sit comfortably around the table and can enjoy the view of the adjacent kitchen as well as take a peek at what’s cooking in Florian Ohlmann’s pots.

If you would like to book the Chef Table for you and your guests, don`t hesitate to contact Mr. Freitag for your booking.

Phone: 49 (0) 211 – 157 6873 – 0