Lido 1960


Lido since 1960

Brasserie History


How do you get from an Italian gelateria to a French brasserie? Quite simple: By being born to a family of ice cream makers in a village in the Dolomite Mountains; selling the most delicious ice-cream in the city in mama’s ice cream parlour in Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth as a boy: later becoming a successful businessman with the company capricorn and discovering a love for French cuisine, and finally launching your own restaurant: LIDO.

The gelateria has been in existence and operated under the same name since 1960. And in 2005, Robertino Wild opened his restaurant next to the pedestrian bridge in the Medienhafen district.

Both establishments share an uncompromising attitude toward quality. Signora Wild’s ice cream is still made following the traditional recipe with fresh ingredients and without any additives. Florian Ohlmann, the new Chef de Cuisine at LIDO, employs the same conviction in his kitchen. After all, he learned from his master, Alain Ducasse, that you never compromise and that includes cooking.

Since October 2008, Ohlmann and his team have been responsible for fresh, seasonal cuisine and the implementation of the new gastronomic concept: a brasserie with lounge, which blends traditional style with contemporary French cuisine in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.